Hide & Seek and Giggles & Smiles

imageI’ve felt out of sorts lately, I’m chalking it up to running ragged and being sick over the holiday, but wanted to find a way to get back sooner than later. It’s no fun being out of sorts.

This past weekend started off a little rough and by Friday I was just DONE. You know the feeling? You don’t want to deal with anything, human interaction should be kept to a minimum, and it’s time for quiet. Luckily my husband was alright with staying in and shuffling plans. (I couldn’t even tell you what we did or what we had for dinner. I think we watched Star Trek: The Next Generation and had chicken nugget parm for dinner.)

Saturday got off to a rough start and while it improved, I was still feeling glum as I picked up lunch and headed to my dear friend, D’s house for some quality time with her and her kids.

Em is 2 years, O is 3 weeks old and the two of them along with their momma was just the medicine I needed.

We played Hide & Seek, a new game for Em, but one she quickly caught on to for the most part. We found hiding places (mostly) big enough for the two of us and D would come find us. Then she and I would count to 10 and go find D.

It was really a lot of fun.

It was in either while hiding in the shower as we were covering our mouths to stop our giggles or the pink castle that Em’s giggles and smile told me I’d be just fine.

Kids have this way about them, their love is so simple and honest. It’s a nice refresher for life that sometimes giggles while hiding are just what you need to get back to you.