And so it goes, and so it goes…

The start to this year has been both a whirlwind and stagnant month if that makes any sense at all to you. I will try to explain if it doesn’t: While it feels that it went by in a flash, I can also say that some weeks felt like they took 2 and some days went on for hours.

Work is going well. I enjoy my coworkers, a good number of my clients and I’ve come to a point of actually liking what I’m working on (mostly) rather than just seeing it as a potential stepping stone to different projects. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the other projects too. I have the constant need to do something different here and there, so it’s a good mix here.

Alternately, I’ve struggled with this swim session with some difficult children and with keeping my head in the game. I think I’ve managed well, but some days it’s just really hard. I cried for the first time during a lesson and am constantly fighting the dreaded burn out. I have some time off from the pool coming up and I’m going to make the best of it to recharge.

Crafting is going well and I have a potential opportunity that I’m both excited and terrified to even consider undertaking. I’m excited because it would be an amazing opportunity and a feather in my cap –  terrified that I’ll get rejected or even worse, it’ll take off and I’ll fail from success. I’ve convinced myself to try though. I’ve been excited that Court is Crafty has started to take off a bit with interest and interaction via the facebook page. I’ll be opening an actual online shop in the coming weeks and making the grand announcement over on the facebook page so click on over and like it to stay up to date.

I’m working on a post about making cupcakes with Em which was really fun, but it’s taking longer than I’d hoped to come together. It’s really hard to convey the fun we had that day baking, coloring, dancing etc. I hope you’ll come back to see it when it’s ready!

How has the start to your year been?


Queen of Hearts Event Donation

Not too long ago, my friend Robin (who wrote this post) put out a call on facebook to see who wanted to go to a fun event hosted by Delaware County Down Syndrome Interest Group (DSIG) (a group she works with) that would benefit Downs Syndrome awareness. They’re having their 2nd Annual Queen of Hearts Event. While I couldn’t attend this time, I clicked over to see about making a donation. (I’m blessed, I give back when I can.)

I noticed that part of the night was a silent auction and figured that anything I sent to be auctioned off would likely net them more than I could donate in cash so I put on my thinking cap and came up with the idea of turning one of my recipe art pieces into a package deal.

This is what I came up with:

It’s colorful, busy, a little whimsical and a lot of fun. I used the colors in the fabric to color the recipe art which can be framed to be displayed in the winner’s kitchen! (It’s my go to chocolate cupcake recipe.)

AND it was fun to pick out fabric again and sit in my new sewing space to create. Bonus.

Working digitally.

I’ve been working on some neat-o digital crafting lately. I find it to be fun and relaxing. I don’t have to be good at sketching or have decent handwriting. I can let the computer do that work for me. My brain is free to do the rest.

Here are just a few examples.



If you’d like to see more, you can find it on Court is Crafty.

What have you been up to?