7 – The last compliment, received #NaBLoPoMo

This post is part of BlogHer’s writing prompts for NaBloPloMo I won’t even pretend I’ll be sure to blog every day, but I’ll try even if it’s just something short or a picture. (What is NaBloPoMo? wiseGEEK has the answer)

Why do you ask such hard questions?! OK. The last compliment I received. Hm. I don’t really know. I’d have to think about it, it’s been a little crazy around here so please bear with me that they’re in no particular order because I really don’t know which was the last:

  • “Dinner was really good.” – My husband about the peppers, potatoes and chicken dish I made
  • “You’re a really good friend to Em.” – DMK regarding her daughter, whom I adore with utter absolution.
  • “I love what you did with the fabric.” – A friend in regard to the wreath I made with some questionably usable fabric I had from my grandmother’s house.
  • “You really are a social media guru.” – One of the higher ups at work in regards to a presentation I did. I’m not sure it’s true, but it was nice to hear.
  • “Thank you for being my friend and not judging me.” – Written in a card by a friend.

I could take this opportunity to try and write down all the nice things said about me lately (if I could remember them) but in all actuality, I don’t remember many of them because I have a hard time accepting compliments. I don’t see anything I do as all that wonderful, I just see it as being part of me. I’m not trying to do wonderful things. I’m just being me and treating others as I’d wish to be treated.

(I’m not fishing here, I really believe that I should just do my best and be my best person because it’s who I am.)

I do want to know though, what’s the last compliment you heard?


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