6 – My First day in Office as President of the United States #NaBLoPoMo

This post is part of BlogHer’s writing prompts for NaBloPloMo I won’t even pretend I’ll be sure to blog every day, but I’ll try even if it’s just something short or a picture. (What is NaBloPoMo? wiseGEEK has the answer)

Hm. I’ve been elected President and you want to know what I would do my very first day in office?

I suppose I could tell you that my first day in office I’d be all gunho about this policy or that running point. That I would start working on revamping military spending or education policy…

But let’s be honest. It’s me. As much as I’d love to say that I’d be working on all that or something serious, I would likely be either wondering how I ended up there because it’s a job that I wouldn’t want, or lost in the White House because I can be directionally challenged at times.

Speaking of the White House, check out this Google Map feature.  Put your little guy right on the White House and zoom all the way in and take a virtual tour!


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