5 – Thoughts about (US) Election Day #NaBloPoMo

This post is part of BlogHer’s writing prompts for NaBloPloMo I won’t even pretend I’ll be sure to blog every day, but I’ll try even if it’s just something short or a picture. (What is NaBloPoMo? wiseGEEK has the answer)

Oh do I have thoughts about the election! Many I’m going to keep to myself or water them down because this should be a polite and safe space.  Oh and my thoughts on tomorrow aren’t just about tomorrow, they’re about politics in general.

First and foremost, I feel lucky to be able to vote. It’s an incredibly important responsibility and right in the US. It wasn’t always a right for women and I applaud and thank the women who fought for that right. I will exercise my right to vote because they worked so hard to get it for themselves and for future generations.

Second, I’m tired of the crap. Why does it have to be so negative and mud slinging? I understand that the candidates want to distinguish themselves from their opponent, but lets do so in positive ways. Stand on your own record, views, and accomplishments. Be honest. Constructively compare and contrast. Don’t tear the other guy down.

Third, it’s not personal so stop making it so. I am not a bad person for believing differently than you and you are not a bad person for thinking differently than me. Please keep in mind that we all come from different places, have different experiences and different things matter more to me than they might to you. The reverse is also true. This is fine and you should vote your conscious, but please do not shove your views down my throat, make assumptions of me because of my political views, or think I’m a bad person because we think differently. I promise I’ll do the same for you.

Fourth and lastly, I’m just glad this election season is going to be over. It’s been a really sad commentary on America to see the vicious posts on facebook, the negativity, and the constant barrage of political ads. I like my Twitter friend MilitiaJim, am looking forward to Wednesday morning when this is all done.


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