on patience

“Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. Seldom found in woman, never found in man.” ~ my grandmother

While I know that isn’t wholly true, my father is one of the most patient people I’ve ever met, I find the statement to be true for more than not.  A quick search doesn’t reveal any statistics about patience that I can quote, but a mental review of the people I know tells me that patience seems to be split 50/50. I know some incredibly patient men and some incredibly inpatient women. I also know the reverse of that statement to be true.

Where does it come from? I can tell you that I was raised with patience from my parents, from my extended family and teachers. (Mostly.) I would imagine that patience is a learned trait that some learn better than others. From personal experience, incredibly intense people don’t seem to have the same amount of patience as laid back individuals.

I go back and forth. I can be way laid back  or I can be ridiculously intense. It depends on how stressed out I am and the given situation.

I can tell you that I can show an incredible amount of patience with small children, those who learn differently, or move a little slower physically or mentally, and anyone I’m teaching something to the first time.

I can also tell you where I do not have patience though. I don’t have patience with myself or having to repeat something I’ve said or taught someone more than twice. It sounds mean of me and maybe it is, but I struggle to have patience when competent people make me repeat myself. I struggle with patience when someone else doesn’t do their job in an efficient manner. (Efficiency being judged by me of course, which is not always the most reliable judge.) I also rarely have patience with myself. If I mess something up, have trouble learning something new, or accomplishing a goal, I am incredibly hard on myself. I want to be able to do something right then. Right. Now!

I’d like to be a more patient person across the board with others and maybe more importantly, myself. Now to figure out how to go about it.

There you go, something not so amazing about me. I’ll work on it if you have patience with me.


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