on Crispy Basil

20121020_123043Saturday, instead of going out to the Finger Lakes to drink wine all day with friends, my husband and I stayed home. It seems that at some point I turned into my mother and decided that it would be better not to go on such a trip while we still feeling quite under the weather. Instead we stuck around town and ventured out for lunch. There’s a place near work called Crispy Basil that I had heard good things about so we figured we’d try it.

I had heard that they had some yummy combinations that a lot of local places didn’t have and I was not disappointed. It’s not often you find Basil Artichoke and Sun Dried Tomatoes (which is what I had, once I picked the sun dried tomatoes off) pizza. I think my husband had Chicken Bacon Ranch and we both had some Buffalo Chicken Pizza which was tasty and gave some heat, but was manageable.

I do love basil on my pizza.

Crispy Basil is quiet, it’s a walk up service counter and they let you know when it’s ready kind of place. They have a bunch of tables and chairs, some that rock, some that don’t. The toppings were plentiful (and evenly distributed for the OCD’s of the bunch) the crust was crispy and my only complaint is that the table rocked.  I meant to order a salad to see how that rated but I think I forgot in my cold med induced flightiness. Next time!

Currently notable? They offer gluten free dough for those who need it. While I’m seeing this more and more locally, it’s nice to see.

It gets a 4 out of 5 in my book.

If you’re familiar with Pizza DaVinci’s in Troy, the menu and taste is very similar.


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