on breaking down

i’ll admit – i broke
last night. tears came hot and hard
and with barking cough

“worked yourself up good”
as i cried to my mother
she said, “its ok”

after the tears came
i did feel better – not great
but not so fragile

today? not easy
but each little thing, not wrong?
considering good.

good things planned – good peeps
to see, mj is in town
sunday run 5k

momma might come help
put the mess back together
tomorrow if done

a pretty big if
since no one can tell me when
the guy will be back

i’m trying to see
this as a lesson you see,
lesson in patience

that this too shall pass
ride the storm out til it does
tis life – crap happens

today of all days
i should be thankful of life
i won’t forget that.


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