on my heart breaking for others

Some things? They just don’t matter. What name brand of the car you actually drive, the designer label on the clothes you wear, if someone does or doesn’t like you…none of that matters.

This matters.

A vibrant, happy, funny little girl was taken last night by the angels. As I followed the updates on Twitter last night my heart broke slowly piece by piece.

A family I’ve never met, but have laughed with, been scared with and now ache for lost their little angel after much to little time spent with them.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to go! Parents should not out live their children. I don’t care if it’s at 63, 42, 33, 25, 23, 18, 5, or 17 months.

This isn’t how it should go. It doesn’t make sense.

Hug your kids, tell your parents you love them, call your siblings, if you love someone and haven’t let them know yet? Don’t wait. Life’s too short.

You know, blogging is a really funny thing, my heart is breaking for a family I don’t know in person, have only met through their words…but it breaks for them none the less.

I’m not a very religious person, but my thoughts, prayers and hopes go out to Heather, Mike, their families and everyone who has been touched by this horrible loss. There are no words to comfort, but I’m truly sorry for their loss.

Donate in Maddie’s name to March of Dimes. I already did.


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